Watch you page loading time with the web scenario

On the left hand side you will see the web scenario tab (the globe) and here are all the scenarios that have been created for your website. You can change the time period at the top right. This is applied to every chart of the page and common to all features of the app, allowing you to keep the same time scale for accurate comparisons.

You can easily zoom in and out by dragging left to right on the graph (zoom in) or right to left (zoom out).

On the vertical axis you will find the total time that our probe took to browse all of your pages (which are colour coded as indicated below the chart). On the horizontal axis you will find the exact time of each event.

Below the chart, you will find the loading time details for each of your pages. We report the minimum (min), average, and maximum (max) that Quanta have measured during the select period.

So how do I interpret this?

  • When your website is stable and below an average of 100 ms, this is Quanta's "sweetspot" and the bar above the graph will be green when this is reached.
  • Between 100ms-450ms, you should see a yellow bar. This is the average loading time among the top 200 Magento stores.
  • When your response time is unstable (several peaks per day which last over five minutes) and/or your average time is higher than 450 ms per page (as above) you will see a red bar. Optimisations should be made. 
  • Beyond 1 second, you’re losing vital conversion and optimisation should be a strong priority. 
  • Beyond 2 seconds, the situation is serious. Fortunately, at this rate the potential optimisations are huge. Think about it this way, reaching our sweetspot would mean a 95% reduction in your page loading time!

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